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What is the IJUT?


The International Journal of Urban Transformation (IJUT) is an annual academic journal dedicated to a scholarly investigation and research, and analysis of urban issues and trends affecting best practices in urban missiology and applicable in the areas of the world, not least among the urban poor. As such, this journal is a forum for the exchange of ideas and research between urban missiologists and practitioners who are interested in advancing the kingdom of God.

Volume 4 Released


Our 4th edition was released on May 2, 2019. It will be available globally for sale through Amazon.

The topic for IJUT #4 is "Urban Church Planting." In this edition we cover church planting in cities around the world. We also added a new featured: Case Studies. In the Case Studies section we learn about church planting in Singapore and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Lastly, there are four books featured in the Book Reviews.

Want to Join the IJUT Team?


As the IJUT continues to grow we're looking to expand our team. Currently we're looking for Associate Editors and copyeditors. If interested send an email to Lisa Hoff ( for more information and details.

Featured Articles

Accepting Papers for IJUT #5

Topic for #5: Global Cities

The term Global City was popularized by sociologist Saskia Sassen in her work, The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo (1991). A Global City is an international urban center set apart due to its disproportionate level of influence and connectivity. These cosmopolitan centers are defined by an interconnected system of finance and information with other cities around the world, significant wealth production, and unique characteristics that set them apart from their surrounding regions. These cities are not limited by national boundaries and typically have a large concentration of wealth in the hands of a minority of individuals which also fuels the growth of a large marginalized population.

In this issue of the IJUT, we will be examining unique ministry issues related to the growth of Global Cities. We are open to potential topics but have specific interest in contributions related to the following subcategories:

Sub-topics for #5

1. Centers of Culture and Innovation
2. Financial and Economic Influence (wealth, issues of income inequality, global economic connectedness, multinational corp., etc)
3. Globalization (interconnectedness of systems)
4. Global Cities as Influencing Centers (influence surrounding regions and other cities)
5. Networked Technologies and Gospel Transmission
6. Hubs of Education and Learning
7. The Role of Media as Influencer in a Global City
8. Infrastructure (transportation systems, architecture, roads, etc.) and how this affects the Gospel/church
Diverse Peoples as Part of the Global City (Immigration, UPG’s, etc.)
9. Growth of Global Cities (causes, advantages/disadvantages, megacities, megaregions, city clusters, etc.)
10. Changing Relational Dynamics in a Global City
11. Political Engagement/Influence

How to Submit Articles

Email: Attach your article to the email as a .doc or .docx format or some other format that can be access by a variety of standard word processors.

Articles should be 4,000 words using Chicago Manual. Case Studies should be 1,200-1,500 words using Chicago Manual. Book Reviews should be 750 words using the Guidelines for IJUT Book Reviewers.