Book Review Guidelines

Our book review section intends to be eclectic rather than encyclopedic. It focuses on those publications that help our readers to rethink our approach to cities, investigate the borders of the concept of urban ministry, and deal with hybrid and interdisciplinary approaches. We are especially interested in books at the very edge of our field, ones that adventure into new scholarly territory in terms of topic or approach. If the book does not deal directly with urban ministry in the traditional sense, you should note how it is relevant to the interests of readers of IJUT. As our readership does not consist of a well-defined, homogenous group of scholars, it is always advisable to be as explicit as possible when it concerns the use of concepts such as “urban ministry” and “community development.”

1. Length: Minimum 750 words including title and biographical note. If you wish to write a review essay dealing with several books on related topics, you will be given more space. Please contact the editor by email for details.
2. Double-spaced.
3. No extra spacing between paragraphs.
4. Include a title for the review. This should guide readers to the perspective taken by
the reviewer.
5. Under the title, include the publication information using the following format: Author(s), Title (place of publication: publisher, date), number of pages, number of illustrations (if appropriate). Price (valuta of the country of publication).
6. Body of the review, which must include: a brief description of the book’s contents. An analysis of how it may assist the readers of IJUT to rethink our role in cities.
7. Your name and institutional affiliation (if any).
8. Brief (20 words) biographical note.

IJUT readers come from many disciplines and backgrounds (institutionally and geographically). Therefore reviews should aim to be accessible to a wide audience and avoid unnecessary jargon.
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