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Vol. 4 - May 2019


Urban Church Planting

Vol. 5 - Fall 2019


Global Cities

Previous Issues

Vol. 3 - July 2018


Community Econ. Development as a Model for Missions in the Developing World

Vol. 2 - April 2017


On Earth as it is in Heaven: Racial Reconciliation in the New Millennium

Vol.1 - October 2016


Addressing Global Urban Migration:

The Grace Option

Journal Contents

Vol. 4 - May 2019


Issue #4 focuses on the nuances of planting churches in cities with such topics as gentrification, race, and more.

  1. "Reading Your Community: Toward an Authentic Encounter in the City" by Matthew Watson
  2. "The Urban Church as Fair-Weather Friend: From White Flight to Gentrification" by Lloyd Chia
  3. "Placemaking in the City: A Theological Vision for Church Planters in Brooklyn's Gentrifying Neighborhoods" by Stephen Stallard
  4. "Starting All Kinds of Churches for All Kinds of People" by Linda Bergquist
  5. "Cracks in the Concrete: The Obstacles and Opportunities of Church-Planting in Vancouver's Core" by Frank Rudolph Stirk
  6. "Roger S. Greenway's Church Planting Strategy for the City" by Kevin Baggett
  7. "Gateway to the Nations: The Strategic Value of International Churches in a Globalized Urban World" by Michael Crane and Scott Carter
  8. "Case Study: Singapore" by Lori Adams-Brown
  9. "Case Study: Colombo, Sri Lanka" by Bryce MacFarland
  10. Book Review - Andre Van Eymeren's "Building Communities of the Kingdom" by Matthew Brichetto
  11. Book Review - Mark Gornik and Maria Liu Wong's "Stay in the City" by Kurt Holiday
  12. Book Review - Karina Kreminski's "Urban Spirituality" by Bryce MacFarland 
  13. Book Review - Mark Mulder's "Shades of White Flight" by Sean Benesh

Vol. 3 - July 2018


The third issue focuses on community economic development in developing countries:

  1. "Reading Your Community: Toward an Authentic Encounter with the City" by Glenn Smith
  2. "The Legacy of Roger S. Greenway" by Kendi Howells Douglas
  3. "Urban Latin America by the Numbers: An Overview" by Bert Hickman
  4. "How Economic Missionaries are Moving the Poverty Needle" by Robert Lupton
  5. Book Review - Randy White and H. Spees' "Out of Nazareth: Christ-Centered Civic Transformation in Unlikely Places" by Brad Smith
  6. Book Review - Herbert Eugene Bolton's "The Padre on Horseback: A Sketch of Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J. Apostle to the Pimas" by Sean Benesh

Vol. 2 - April 2017


The second issue was highly anticipated including a biography of Dr. John Perkins and featuring articles like:

  1. A biography of the great Dr. John M. Perkins by Christian Arnold
  2. "Finding Beauty in Ashes" by Seth McManus
  3. "Black Lives Matter in the Mission of God" by David Leong
  4. "The Racial Reconciliation in South Africa" by Trevor Peter Ntlhola
  5. "How Prejudice Toward the Poor Feeds Racism" by Derek Engdahl
  6. "The Intercultural Church" by Nam-Chen Chan
  7. "Moving Toward a Southern Missiology" by Alan Cross
  8. "From Awareness to Transformation" by G.J. Veas

Vol. 1 - October 2016


The inaugural issue of the IJUT features articles from scholars in the field, including:

  1. "Migration as Grace" by Robert Chao Romero
  2. "Unrecognized Refugees" by Alexia Salvatierra
  3. "Refugees in the Urban Wilderness" by Michael Crane
  4. "Rural Migration and the Development of Urban Cultures in the United States" by Kelly Malone
  5. "Becoming a Welcoming Church and How Youth Can Help" by Annie Lockhart-Gilroy
  6. "Global Gateway Cities" by David Garrison
  7. "Beyond Borders" by Vanessa Carter and Jared Sanchez
  8. "Urban Trends: Urban Areas and Slums" by Albert Hickman
  9. "Case Study on Issues Immigrants Face" by Julia Lewis and Leah Bechtold
  10. "The Church and the Stranger" by Shannon Ericson
  11. Book Review - Brent Elton's "China's Urban Christians" by Darrell Jackson
  12. Book Review - Michael Crane's "Sowing Seeds of Change" by Kelly Steinhause